10 things you didn’t know about daisy’s

  1. The word ‘daisy’ translates from an old English word ‘dægeseage’. Which actually meant ‘days eye’.  What a perfect description, as daisy’s open during the day, and close at night.
  2. Daisy’s are actually 2 flowers in one.  Wow, How cool is that? The yellow disc like petals (the eye) is classed as 1, while the usually white petals are classed as another.
    This pic shows the yellow eye in detail with its own individual florets.
  3. The leaves of daisy’s are edible, and are rich in vitamin C.
  4. There are approximately 4000 different species of daisy’s.
  5. Daisy’s can be found all over the world except for Antarctica.
  6. They can grow from 7 cms to 1.2 metres in height, depending on the species of course.
  7. Daisy’s are old in fact, it is believed they are over 4000 years old.  Ancient excavated Egyptian pottery were found decorated with daisy’s.
  8. Daisy’s are hardy flowers, they are able to grow in full sunlight, part sunlight and in shade or in wet or dry climates.  No wonder daisy’s can be seen everywhere from our back garden to woods and meadows.
  9. The daisy flower symbolises purity and innocence.
  10. Daisy’s are classified as been in the Compositae family of plants.

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