I am a Mum, home educator and passionate about nature and the learning opportunities it has to offer.  All learning for children should start with nature, as without it we wouldn’t be here.

‘Nature makes the world go round, not money’

Nature has an abundance of not only academic type learning opportunities but is a catalyst for imaginative play, which in modern society I feel has been lost sadly. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood.  Through imaginative play children learn social, problem solving skills, learn to think outside of the box and naturally want to learn about everything around them through play.  Playing in nature is also great for children’s emotional and physical wellbeing.


My role in this process of discovery and learning, is to be on hand to answer questions, provide resources and give them the opportunities, by taking them out regularly in to nature.  The kids do the rest as they naturally want to learn and know about the world, children in my experience are naturally inquisitive.  Its hard to keep up sometimes with their questions.

This blog is a mixture of our nature inspired home education journey so far and packed with nature photographs and facts we have learned along the way.

I hope you will join us on our nature journey of discovery 🙂