How to make a mini raft from sticks

Materials and Equipment
Leave (large enough for a sail)
Bushcraft Knife (Adults only)


  1. Get your kids to collect twigs of roughly the same diameter.
  2. Break the twigs to roughly 9 or 10 twigs of the same size.
  3. Wrap your string around the first twig and tie a knot then attach your second twig and knot to secure.
  4. Repeat this process for the remaining twigs, as shown in image 1.
    Image 1 shows all twigs attached.

    Image 2 shows all twigs knotted together.
  5. Next repeat this process along the centre and opposite side then trim off any loose ends. (shown in Image 2)
  6. Once you have the main body of your raft constructed, you will need two more twigs measuring slightly over the width of your raft.  These will attach underneath your raft, placed in the opposite direction, along your original knot lines.
  7. Turn your raft so the underneath is facing you, then lay your first twig in the opposite direction and tie the twig around the original knots at one end, secure at two or three intervals as shown below.
    Image 3 shows underneath twigs attached to the raft.

  8. Repeat this step for your second twig, which should be placed parallel to the twig you’ve just secured at the opposite side, again attach it to the original knots to secure (see image 3 above).
  9. To make your boat a mast, find a straight ‘ish’ twig and approximately the same size as the length of your raft. Using your bushcraft Knife (ask an adult to help with this part) flatten around 2cm of your twig at either side, this will allow it to slot in between a gap at the centre of the raft (please NOTE the width should be slightly larger than the gap and be a tight fit to secure it in place).
  10. Find a large leaf for your mast.  Then make two holes in the leaf one at the centre bottom and another one opposite at the top.
  11. To finish your raft thread the leaf through the holes on to your mast.

Congratulations!!! you’ve made your 1st twig raft, now have fun sailing!!!









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