Top 10 Nature walk activities with kids

The words “we are going on a nature walk” is enough for most kids to run and hide, that’s why with my kids I change the words to ‘a magical mystery adventure’.  These words or something similar, in most cases creates enthusiasm and excitement.

However BEWARE!!! if your main aim is to pass on your love of nature to your kids and to encourage them to engage whilst there.  Your nature walk needs to match your kids expectations, to create positive memories for future walks.  So to help you along your way, here is my top 10 kids Nature walks activities, to create everlasting fun memories and keep your kids wanting to explore more of what nature has to offer.

  1. Make a Scavenger stick, by attaching nature finds to it with, string, elastic bands or double sided tape.
  2. Build a Den from sticks, leaves and whatever else you can find.
  3. Make time for the kids to climb tree’s.
  4. Make a camp fire (don’t forget the marshmallows though, as you may not be very popular with your kids).
  5. Make Bows and Arrows with string.
  6. Make a natural windchime using found materials, which can be tied to a stick with string.
  7. Make a stick sword (warning for safety round off the sword end).
  8. Get your kids to collect as many different leaves as they can to identify at home later.
  9. Make a mini raft from twigs to float down a stream, or on a pond.
  10. Make time for lots of free play especially the imaginative type.

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