What is Pollination?

In short pollination is the transfer of Pollen from the Anther to the stigma of another flower to allow the flowers to grow new seeds and fruit, to eventually create new flowers and plants.  This is a truly natural process and requires no human intervention.  The flowers main job which triggers pollination is to create the pollen and rest is left to insects, animals and the wind, to spread the pollen to the stigma of other flowers.

In order to figure out how this magical process happens, we need to look in detail at the parts of a flower.  Below is a diagram with the labelled parts of a flower and short description.  Each part of the flower has an important job in the process of pollination, below explains each part and what each part does.

Parts of a flower detailed diagram

These are the small pod shapes which can be found on the top of the filaments, they are part of the male cells of a flower. The Anthers job is to produce pollen which sticks to visiting insects, who then transfer it to the stigma of other flowers, triggering the process of pollination.

The filaments are the long thin like stalks inside the flower, their job is to hold the anthers and connect them to the flower.  Filaments are also the male parts of the flower along with the anthers.

The Stigma is one of the female parts of the flower.  It is the part of the flower that receives the pollen from visiting insects.  This will then trigger the process called ‘germination’.

The style is also the female part of the flower.  It is the part that joins the stigma to the ovary.  It’s main job is to support the pollen on it’s journey to the ovary.  After the pollen has attached to the stigma.  The pollen which carries special male cells called gametes,  grows a tube through the style which will eventually meet the ovary and join the female gametes in the ovary.

The ovary is female and is the place that holds the females gametes of the flower. When joined with the male gametes in the pollen, they produce seeds then fruit to protect the seeds.

The stem of the flower has an important job, as it supports the flower, leaves and buds.  The stem is attached to the roots, which from the soil provide food and water to the different areas in the flower.

The Sepal is the outer part of the flower, which is often green in colour and looks a bit leaf like in shape.  It is the part that encloses the flower and protects it, before the flower opens.

The petals of each flower vary in shape, colour, size and scent.  The petals have an important job in attracting insects, to trigger pollination. A group of petals that form the flower is called the corolla.

I hope you enjoyed reading about pollination and the different parts of a flower.

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parts of a flower

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