I Noticed …………….

Our lives have changed beyond recognition and probably changed forever….. as we know it!

The first thing I noticed after lockdown …….. was how peaceful and quiet it was, gone was the monotonous dull drone of passing traffic, replaced by the beautiful harmonic sounds of  a  Blackbird singing nearby, intertwined with the clipped chirping of a sparrow perched in a tree.  I then noticed more birds unusually close to our house, busily gathering twigs and foliage to build their nests.


I noticed the late spring blossom had burst in to life in a rainbow of colour, against the backdrop of a crystal clear blue sky.  I noticed the delicate spring petals, natures confetti falling from the tree and covering the lawn in a blanket of colour.

In the evening I noticed the deep red hue of the sun setting,  illuminating the trees and distant hills in a magical warm glow.  I noticed the contrasting shadows on a glowing backdrop as the sun set, sillouetting a bird preforming its dusk chorus.

After dark I noticed a calm stillness descend our street, it reminded me of the muffled peaceful feeling after fresh snow has fallen.  As the night claimed the day, I noticed the bright twinkling of the stars and the magically glow from the moon.

I noticed a calmness in my body, my pumping heart had slowed to a gentle beat and the constant noise of my invasive thoughts, had disappeared.  I noticed a feeling of peace, I noticed I was no longer scared.

I am living in the moment and all is well !!!!

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